Simple Words

In my free report, 66 Proven Tips for Writing Copy That Sells, this tip is among my favorites:

28. Use simple words.

I believe this is one of the all-time best copywriting tips. Simple words make copy clear and lean. Simple words communicate quickly.

Unfortunately, people often ignore this tip, which is why business communications say …

“obtain” instead of “get”
“optimize” instead of “improve”
“conceptualize” instead of “think”
“at this point in time” instead of “now”
“operational” instead of “working”

Author Richard Bayan calls it “puffspeak,” inflated words and phrases that work their way into the English language.

Admittedly, it’s hard to avoid puffspeak, even for copywriters. Puffspeak creeps into copy from initial drafts to final revisions.

But I’m convinced that, word for word, the simple word almost always works faster and better. Try it.


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