Sucked Into the Technology Abyss

I don’t Twitter. Maybe I should, but with two blogs, email, LinkedIn and ongoing writing projects, I don’t know how I would do it. I really don’t.

And, if I’m truthful, I wonder if sanity doesn’t dictate that one can’t embrace every new tool that comes along. There’s always a next new thing. I know — I’m in marketing.

I thought of this as I was reading Ann Handley’s post at Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix. She begins:

Don’t get me wrong: I love Twitter with all my heart and soul. But this week, it started to get in the way.

You see, Ann is at the New Media Summit, a live event. Um, that means people actually conversing with people. You know, using their voices. At least that’s what I would think …

The problem was that during some of the sessions, the presenters were asking folks in the live audience to submit their questions via Twitter, the online messaging tool. The folks onstage scrolled through their PDAs and picked out a few questions to read out and answer. And that was the problem: since the questions were coming through Twitter and read by the presenter, and not asked from the floor by an actual person, it was impossible to know who was asking the question.

OK, I know it’s a “new media” event, but does this strike anyone else as really weird?

Isn’t Twitter, chat, texting, email and all e-communication for when we’re not actually sitting next to each other?


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