Haunted by Political Clichés

In our media- and election-obsessed culture, political clichés multiply and spread faster than bacteria in a Petri dish. It seems there’s no escaping them unless you shut down all devices and flee to the Himalayas.

That would be a game-changer, wouldn’t it?

Oh no! Did I say “game-changer”?!?!

Maybe the only way to get them out of my system is to list them. So here’s a partial list from “A Dictionary of Political Clichés” at The Weekly Standard.

Bradley effect
Drill, baby, drill
Energy independence
Food security
Joe the Plumber
More of the same
Pain at the pump
Politics of fear
Small towns
Transformational figure
Traveling pantsuits
Wall Street to Main Street
Yes, we can

There, I feel better now. We can get through this. Yes, we can.


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