This Writer Faces a New Young Audience

I will soon face a new audience, a group with short attention spans and fairly diverse interests. No, they’re not time-strapped business types surfing the Internet or skimming trade magazines. I’m speaking of third-graders, my daughter’s class at Floyd Elementary.

Today when I dropped by the school for the monthly Dining with Dads lunch time, my daughter’s teacher stopped me in the hall.

“Would you consider coming to our class and talking about writing?” she asked. “You can come anytime and talk about whatever you like.”

“Sure,” I said.

During lunch in the cafeteria, I asked my daughter if she liked the idea of me visiting her class. She nodded.

What will I tell 20 third-graders about writing? I’m not sure yet, but I have a few ideas. I believe this will be a series of visits. Think in campaigns and series, one creative director always told me.

I’m also open to your ideas. Feel free to offer your thoughts and comments.


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