B2B Social Media: Who Is on LinkedIn?

For marketers, networkers, job hunters and others, LinkedIn has moved beyond a niche social media tool, reported Advertising Age in a November 2008 article.

Research firm Anderson Analytics sampled 70,000 members and surveyed a random sample of 800 with a 10-minute online questionnaire.

What they found is that LinkedIn has moved beyond an online niche tool. Its members span a wide range of ages, industries, job titles, and education and income levels.

What does it mean for marketers?

… the upshot is the ability to pick and choose business psyches, whether for research or target-marketing messages.

(I can attest to that.)

“I recently had a client who only wanted Fortune 500 company VP-level executives,” Tom Anderson, managing partner of Anderson Analytics, was quoted as saying.

“I’m not sure where else you can get access to that.”

As a freelance copywriter and blogger, I’ve found LinkedIn to be an excellent networking platform where I’ve made dozens of new professional connections.

Feel free to visit me on LinkedIn. I’m also open to invitations – simply tell me who you are and how you think we might benefit from connecting.


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