Dori’s Mantra

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Everybody has their marketing-in-a-recession strategies and tactics. Do more of this. Do less of that. And on and on and on.

There may be a shortage of budget, projects, jobs, leads and sales, but there’s no shortage of advice about how marketers, creatives and others can weather a prolonged economic downturn.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this sort of advice. But I believe for many there are no magical strategies or tactics that will immediately restore their former business situation. As much as anything, ample patience and sheer
persistence are what’s needed to ride out a recession.

No matter what you’re doing (or not doing), Dori, a character in the movie “Finding Nemo,” offers a powerful mantra. If you can spare 30 seconds, here it is:

Dori’s mantra

I like simple messages. If they happen to be in Pixar Animation, that’s OK, too.

It’s a deep marketing ocean, especially now. So just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. And if you ever catch yourself being a Mr. or Ms. Grumpy Gills, remember Dori.


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