20 Good Information Sources

Creating an effective marketing piece is impossible without good information and input. Following are 20 solid information sources for B2B marketing communications projects.

1. Web sites/blogs
2. Ads
3. Brochures
4. Case studies
5. Demos
6. Newsletters
7. Industry publications
8. Annual reports
9. Catalogs
10. Press releases

11. Speeches
12. Interviews
13. Factory tours
14. Videos
15. PowerPoint presentations
16. Creative briefs
17. Marketing plans
18. Business plans
19. White papers
20. Competitors’ marketing information

Though I listed it last, No. 20 is crucial. Be sure to keep a close eye on the competition to help you differentiate your offerings.


2 thoughts on “20 Good Information Sources”

  1. Very helpful, comprehensive list.

    Number 20 is often last on my list, too, because I feel such momentum working on my own vision. What keeps gathering competitive intelligence from being onerous is a system created by fellow VT KnowledgeWorks company Attaain. Daryl Scott’s AttaainCI is software-as-a-service. I login, research what I’m looking for, log out. It also offers e-mail alerts on various subjects. I get a daily e-mail alert on all online mentions of “Handshake 2.0.” Saves a lot of time so I can get on with my vision.

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