10 Ways to Give Your Business Blog Some Zing

I saw this a week or so ago at MarketingProfs Daily Fix in a post by Michael Rubin. Rubin picked it up from Kami Huyse’s blog. It’s worth sharing.

Business blogs can be difficult to sustain. These 10 approaches can help give your blog a purpose (or several purposes). They also can be a starting point for developing meaningful content.

1. The Insider

An insider’s look at your company or industry.

2. The Culture
Highlight employee experiences and share culture with those outside company walls.

3. The Customer
Focus on customers, including their blogs. Let them write guest posts.

4. The Link
Link to other blogs and build relationships.

5. The Comment
Comment on what’s being said elsewhere.

6. The Trend
Cover trends worth noting.

7. The Crisis
Address crises, or explain why you can’t.

8. The Practical Use

A case study approach. How are folks using your products and services?

9. The Solution
Real solutions for tenacious problems.

10. The Community
Build community with your customers and business partners by participating in social networks.

Next time you’re stuck — whether for a purpose or a solid post — this list can help give your blog some new zing.


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