How to (Not) Deal with Bad News

It’s there everywhere I turn. I’m talking about bad news. Very bad news.

When I scan my usual list of sources for blog and e-newsletter material, what I see is many versions of “The sky is falling.” When I open those quarterly statements that come in the mail (or are sent via email), the numbers are a downer, literally and figuratively.

So, on most days, I choose to ignore (or immediately forget) the bad news. I choose to not open the quarterly statements. Not in a head-in-the-sand kind of way, but simply for self-preservation.

I know I can’t do anything about marketing budgets, advertising spending, the stock market and unemployment. I am content to keep my head down and work my plan. I have to believe my own small efforts will bear fruit and we’ll all come out the other side of this economic calamity.

English poet Thomas Gray wrote, “Ignorance is bliss.” Maybe so. It at least keeps one from focusing too intently on a highly disagreeable business situation.


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