The Funny Truth Behind FedEx’s ‘Nordic Tuesday’

FedEx TV spots are popular. I can tell by how many folks arrive at this blog in search of “Nordic Tuesday,” a new commercial I posted about in recent days. Watch it here:

“Nordic Tuesday”

One of the things that makes FedEx TV spots so popular, successful and just plain funny is that they often expose a truth about corporate life and then apply a playful poke in the ribs.

Companies of all sizes and stripes often implement something new (outlandish example: “Nordic Tuesday”) and then pretend it’s for “fun,” or for the good of employees, when it’s actually for a basic business reason: to save money.

As the FedEx tagline in “Nordic Tuesday” says: “We understand. You need to save money.”

Love the guy in the men’s restroom under the hand dryer. My daughter and I laugh every time.


One thought on “The Funny Truth Behind FedEx’s ‘Nordic Tuesday’”

  1. Agreed. I chuckle every time. Instead of digging for root causes of cash drains, they try to save pennies instead of dollars. Funny commercial, and too true! Even the name “Nordic Tuesday” makes me laugh on its own. And agreed on the guy in the bathroom . LOL!!!

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