My First Day on Twitter

I didn’t know I would be featured in a mini case study after my first day on Twitter. But Handshake 2.0, a B2B news site where I contribute articles, picked up on my first day and wrote about it here.

My first day was pretty interesting. Here’s how it came about.

Two nights ago I decided it was time to jump on Twitter when a big sports agency (Octagon) emailed me about a new site called Twackle, an aggregator of sports tweets. They wanted me to write about Twackle (at ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG) and I thought, “It’s time for me to get on Twitter.”

So I did several things that got me rolling on Twitter:

1. I signed up.

2. I wrote a post about Twackle at ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG.

3. I put a Twackle widget and my Twitter address and feed in my blog’s sidebar.

4. I began following many folks I know in the golf world (who, for the most part, returned the favor).

5. I mass emailed invitations to all the golf, marketing and other people in my various email accounts.

Attracting nearly 50 followers, I did have a pretty good first day on Twitter. It was fascinating to discover and experience the world of “tweets,” “follows” and more.

The Twitter invitation is still (and always will be) open. So, if you’re reading this, I hope to see you on Twitter. Follow me and I’ll follow you.


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