Friday Buzzword: ‘Actionable’

actionable: A legal term that’s been co-opted by marketers, consultants and techies. In the legal world, it’s “giving cause for legal action,” such as a lawsuit. Now it’s anything you can take action on. “After analyzing your production line, we recommend these four actionable steps.”
Nominated by Max Matthews

OK, so this train left the station long ago, but what do you think of the buzzword “actionable”? I don’t care for it. It’s corporate speak. Silliness.

“Action” is a perfectly good noun that’s been around for centuries. Why turn it into an adjective?

(I know my objection is futile.)

For a chuckle, visit BuzzWhack. You can even sign up for the Buzzword of the Day.

What’s a buzzword? BuzzWhack defines it as “a usually important-sounding word or phrase used primarily to impress laypersons.” (Like “actionable.”)


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