White Paper: Business Results from Twitter

What can you really do with 140 characters?

I think a lot of people are wondering that these days as Twitter has exploded with users who are tweeting about everything from their favorite whitening strips to their latest webinar or trade show.

Anne Clelland of Handshake 2.0 has tackled the subject in a new white paper, “A Formula for Business Results Using Twitter.”

Anne’s simple prescription for “tweets” caught my eye. “It’s information, expertise, humanity – in that order,” she writes. And she points out this three-step approach is a key to successful business relationships, whether online or offline.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Who has time to read a white paper?” You’re in for a surprise. Anne’s white paper is short and tweet, er, sweet.


One thought on “White Paper: Business Results from Twitter”

  1. “Anne’s white paper is short and tweet, er, sweet.”

    I loved that! Funny, clever, and, er, brief!

    Thank you so much for linking to the white paper. I hope it is of huge value to your readers!

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