Smart Communication Strategies in a Down Economy

What are smart communication strategies in a down economy?

That’s the question I posed to a slice of my LinkedIn network. The answers I received from marketing, PR, ad agency and communications professionals fill a new 20-page report — and I’d like you to have a free copy:

Smart Communication Strategies in a Down Economy

The articles and mini essays range from traditional outbound marketing such as direct mail and phone calls, to the latest thinking on online tactics. I encourage you to grab it now.

Then I’d love to hear what you think, including your “smart communication strategies” for the next edition of the report.


5 thoughts on “Smart Communication Strategies in a Down Economy”

  1. Bravo! Your communications strategies piece in right on the money.

    Now, can you help with repeating a great bucket at the range to
    18 respectable drives on Sunday morning?

    Many thanks,


  2. Great Neil,

    Your question was highly visionary and your audience really gave great advises. I am a new player in this social networking though I had blog and my own websites running up for last couple of months. Just never thought of devoting any time to this activity. I happened to be present at one of the session held by Mr. Kevin Boer, Director of Dumas group in Realtor Quest in Toronto that I decided to work on this.

    Thanks for your great compilation.

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