A Sure Way to Alienate Customers in a Recession

3359695451_48eb33c95e_s1A dollar for a glass of tap water? Yep, says Bobo, a Manhattan restaurant. Wait a second. Morton’s, a steakhouse, can top that. Try $2.50 for adding ice to your cocktail.

And there’s also the New York City restaurant that’s now charging $5 for bread and butter.

They gave reasons. Lame ones. The dollar was the charge for “filtering” the water. The ice charge … actually, no reason was reported. The bread charge was because a famous baker was baking the bread.

(A short pause for you to chuckle at this nonsense.)

I’m sure there are many who are arbitrarily raising prices during the recession. Some may be pulling it off. But this is a risky strategy, at best. And, as illustrated in the above examples, it’s just plain dumb.

(Source: Bob Bly’s blog)

(Image: Oliver Degabriele/Flickr)


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