The 4 C’s of Killer Copywriting

There’s a post at copyblogger authored by Demian Farnworth on three essential elements of effective copy:

1. Clear
2. Concise
3. Compelling

I wholeheartedly agree with Demian, and often write about these elements in different ways. Not only do they simplify the task (because you’re not thinking about a million things), your copy is destined for success if it’s clear, concise and compelling.

I also like what Farnworth said about SEO copywriting:

Forget about it. Seriously.

If you focus on writing clear, concise and compelling copy, you will naturally write keyword-dense copy. You’ll naturally write for the search engines.

The 4th “C”

Farnworth only offered three C’s, so you might be wondering about the fourth. It’s my add-on, another absolutely essential element of effective copy:

4. Credible

Copy needs to ring true and be authentic. If it isn’t credible, the first three elements might be all for naught.


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