4 Ways to Build Your Marketing Cred

In my post, The 4 C’s of Killer Copywriting, I mentioned that copy needs to be credible, otherwise the first three C’s (clear, concise and compelling) might be all for naught.

A commenter asked, “How does one accomplish the fourth ‘C,’ being credible?” Following are four ways.

1. Tell the truth.
Yes, be completely honest. Sure, you’re going to focus on the positives, but don’t even stretch the truth. The BS alarm will go off. This leads to the next point.

2. Back up all marketing claims.
If you make a marketing claim, back it up. Period. Think you’re the best, biggest, smartest, most experienced, most reliable, or whatever? Prove it. Give concrete reasons.

3. Use testimonials.

What do others say about your products or services? Get it in writing and get their permission to use their words. Third-party endorsement builds confidence and increases credibility.

4. Offer a guarantee.
Whatever you’re selling, boldly stand behind it. A guarantee shows your commitment to satisfying customers and clients, perhaps the greatest credibility booster of them all.

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