Are Canceled July 4th Celebrations Bad Community Relations and Marketing?

I’m all for fiscal responsibility, but I have to admit I’m disappointed to hear about all the canceled Fourth of July celebrations around the United States due to cutbacks by local governments.

On NPR yesterday, I heard about how the city of Colorado Springs canceled its Fourth of July event because they don’t have the $75,000 to spare. Ipswich, Mass., billed as “The Birthplace of American Freedom,” is in the same boat, as are many other locales.

Maybe I’m naïve or idealistic, but aren’t there alternatives? Something scaled back, or a campaign to rally the community to help fund a public celebration? The parks and community spaces already exist for some sort of holiday gathering.

It seems to me that in these difficult economic times we need to continue to take opportunities to promote civic pride and a feeling of togetherness. Canceling traditional community events isn’t helping to do that.


One thought on “Are Canceled July 4th Celebrations Bad Community Relations and Marketing?”

  1. Neil,

    I agree that the celebrations shouldn’t be canceled! Just think back to the inaugural!? If your city or town cancels next year come to Coronado, CA, perhaps the most patriotic and enthusiastic supporter of the July 4th holiday i’ve ever witnessed. Yes, folks, celebration still happens here, and I’m guessing, given tradition, it always will.


    See this:

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