Rediscovering My Bookshelf

“There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.”
−Audre Lorde

I’ve been cleaning and organizing my home office in recent days. I’ve thrown a lot of stuff away. I’ve also rediscovered stuff I haven’t seen or thought about for a long while, including my modest collection of books on writing.

Somewhere in my travels I picked up books, magazines, articles and other bits of information that I thought were worth having — at least at the time. Then they were left behind, forgotten, on a dusty bookshelf or in a file drawer or stowed away in a cardboard box.

I’ve enjoyed rediscovering some of these “collectibles.” I’ve cracked open some of my writing books and found that many of the ideas and inspiration are still relevant in this bizarre age of 140-character messages.

Now that they’ve been set aside for so long, they’re fresh again. And fresh is good for my brain and creative energy.


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