Loitering Allowed

I saw a new sign the other day at the Floyd Country Store: “Loitering Allowed.”

What a great sign and good business reminder. It lets customers and browsers and time-killers know that they’re welcome. Come on in. Look around. Hang out. We’re not worried about whether you buy anything or not. You’re welcome here.

In fact, the sign could just as easily say: Loiterers Welcome.

It got me thinking about businesses besides retail businesses, whether mega companies or small outfits. Are they—am I—transmitting a service-oriented attitude, a willingness to give clients, customers and prospects as much time as they need or want?

I think it’s important to let people loiter. Some will take advantage of it in a negative way, but most will not. It’s good for business. You may want to loiter with them. It can build better relationships.


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