A Few Essential Tips for Reviewing Copy

Last night my 14-year-old daughter asked me to complete an evaluation form for her English class essay on Romeo and Juliet. I really had to think about what level of critique was appropriate for a ninth-grader and how to give constructive comments.

It’s always good to start with positive comments. Fortunately, there were plenty of positive things to say about my daughter’s essay. The exercise got me thinking about reviewing and approving copy. As the writer, I’m usually on the receiving end of comments.

Contained in my free report 66 Proven Tips for Writing Copy That Sells, following are four helpful tips for reviewing copy in a business setting:

1. Keep approval levels to a minimum.
2. Read copy from your audience’s viewpoint, not as an editor.
3. Provide specific comments.
4. Let the copywriter do the rewriting.

(Note: To add a fifth tip, as mentioned above, begin with some positive comments.)

Download the complete FREE report here:
66 Proven Tips for Writing Copy That Sells


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