Dick Paetzke’s ‘Postcards’

Way back in the early 1990s, Seattle-area advertising and creative legend Dick Paetzke gave me a copywriting assignment. Dick had opened his own shop, a solo firm, and he gave yours truly, a novice, a chance to help him with his heavy workload.

Because I was green and the deadline was tight, I did a very mediocre job. (Not that I didn’t try my hardest.) Dick rewrote much (if not all) of my copy. He paid me more than my work was worth. He treated me kindly. I’ll never forget it. He is a creative whiz and a gracious man. I’ve been fortunate to be associated with him through the years.

Dick has published a small book called Postcards: Little Letters from Life, “an eclectic collection of illustrated essays written from home and abroad.” He has hatched and written many award-winning campaigns for major clients and brands, but his past personal essays have perhaps made an even bigger impact because they are so insightful, heartfelt and thoroughly human.

Postcards is in the same mold. If you read the reviews (nearly all are five stars) at Amazon, you’ll see what I mean. I recommend it.


One thought on “Dick Paetzke’s ‘Postcards’”

  1. Dick, great to be with you today at SPU. I deeply REGRET leaving the “postcard” booklet at the table./ Please give me a call and lets set up a lunch (on me) so I can pick up the booklet. Also, don’t forget the drawing of Tamela.

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