Just Found Out I’m a ‘Freedom Fighter’

Mountain climbers, freedom fighters and craftspeople. Those are the three attitudinal profiles of small businesses, according to the Enterprise Council on Small Business (ECSB). I read about it in the November 16 issue of BtoB.

“We identified these profiles in an effort to dispel this idea that all small businesses are alike, that all small businesses are in it for the money, that all small businesses are entrepreneurs,” ECSB’s Stephen Smyth told the magazine.

I’m a freedom fighter, which represent 24 percent of small-business owners. Freedom fighters tend to be corporate refugees, “those who spent some time in business and have decided for various lifestyle reasons to get out of corporate life.”

Just 2 percent of small-business owners are mountain climbers, who “are motivated by growth and achievement” and are “highly aggressive.” They’re the ones that most closely resemble a corporate CEO.

Craftspeople are the largest group (74 percent). They’re often people in trades: photographers, cabinetmakers, plumbers and such. “They run a business because they need to to allow them to ply their trade,” Smyth said.

Do you run your own business? If so, which profile do you identify with?


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