I’m a Morning Writer

I wouldn’t call myself a morning person, but I am a morning writer. How about you?

I’ve known this for a long time. I was reminded of it today. In the morning, my brain is as bright and fresh as it’s going to be. The coffee is still hot and strong. It’s just easier for me to form ideas and sentences earlier in the day. Easier, but not easy.

I’ve been working on a long-term project that involves writing  after the kids head off to bed. I save it for the nighttime because it’s something I just need to chip away at and I don’t want it to interfere with my workday projects. The problem is that when 10 p.m. rolls around my mind is tired and I don’t feel like writing even a couple of paragraphs. I wimped out last night.

This morning I made up for the lost time and was far more productive than I could ever be while writing with one tired eye on the television. In fact, I finished drafting the first stage of the project.  I’m happy about that.

Out of necessity, I still write in the afternoon, evening and occasionally late at night. But mornings are the best by far.


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