Finding Inspiration to Write

Robert Bruce, a blogger friend of mine, asked a great question at 101 Books:

“What inspires you to write?”

There were many interesting answers to that question. Robert himself mentioned that distance running, a relatively new activity, has been “a source of inspirational fuel” for his writing.  Others said that running, exercise or simply being outdoors enhanced their writing. Some draw inspiration from good (and bad) literature, quiet places, certain times of the day, and people, including other writers.

I added this comment:

“Unfortunately, I’m on a running sabbatical at the moment. But those long runs are definitely a terrific opportunity to delve into creative and writing matters.

“I’m inspired to write (still) because, one, I love words. I also like to tell or share stories. In my agency days, I said what got me out of bed in the morning was the thrill of facing the “white bull,” as Hemingway called the blank page (now the blank screen). And that’s still true for me. It’s oddly frightening and thrilling at the same time.”

That’s the short answer.

I know this: Inspiration ebbs and flows. The blank page or screen doesn’t care. As a friend of mine says, “Writers write.” They find inspiration where they can, when they can, if they can. Regardless, they put their butt in the chair and write. There’s no other way.

And, if you manage to write a book, you can make the self-publishing process easier with the help of an established company like Lulu.


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