Start with a Verb

As comedian Steve Martin once joked, his writing really brightened up once he started using verbs. Indeed. Verbs are action words. They energize writing and propel readers.

After looking at a World Vision mailer that landed in my P.O. box, I’m reminded of the power of starting with a verb in headlines, subheads and even body copy.  Following are some examples from the outer envelope, brochure, letter and response device.

Walking in Sabina’s shoes. (one of two teasers)

Follow Sabina’s journey for water. (brochure headline)

Carrying water robs her of her potential. (brochure subhead)

Watch Sabina’s story on DVD. (brochure call to action)

Having water close to home will change everything. (letter headline)

Help ease the burden. Provide life-giving water. (response device headline)

It’s hard to go wrong in marketing and other persuasive forms of writing when you start with a verb. Try it.


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