The Recommendation Letter

I asked for a blurb and, if possible, a statistical anecdote on how I had a hand in boosting fundraising. I got a lot more. It’s terrific when clients are appreciative of your work and are willing to take the time to say so.

Thank you, Dave Morris.

It began a few weeks ago when a prospective client (a private liberal arts college) asked me for additional evidence that my writing made a difference for universities and their fundraising efforts. So I asked a valued university client (University of Delaware) and Dave Morris of Annual Giving took the time to write not just a blurb but a full-page recommendation letter that included this statistical nugget:

Neil’s first year working for UD helped take our direct mail fundraising from $1.61 million to $2.09 million, which is an increase of nearly 30%. This is really saying something considering the economic climate during this fiscal year and the subsequent drop in gifts to non-profit organizations.

Read the entire recommendation letter from University of Delaware.

Marketing is fine and necessary. I do it for others and myself. But there’s nothing better than when your clients speak on your behalf.


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