Make It Easy for Target Audience

I once interviewed a salesman named Jim who had made 75,000 sales calls in his 43-year career with a large chemical distribution company. I asked him if any sales calls stood out.

“The first four calls I made when I started on August 20, 1962,” he said. “One fellow told me, ‘If you make it easy for me to buy, I will buy from you.’ I said, ‘I’ll make it as easy as I can.'”

Jim went on to say he was still selling to all four accounts, which were worth millions in annual sales.

Jim’s story is a good reminder of the power of making it easy for your target audience. It can take many forms: making it easy to notice and read marketing communications, respond to a call to action, request more information, make a donation, or buy a product or service. It’s one of the most critical things to consider when adopting a strategy.


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