Long-Awaited Bridge Opens Near Floyd

I drove across the new bridge this morning. Part of U.S. 221, it crosses Pine Creek about three miles northeast of Floyd. The new bridge is 46 feet across, nearly doubling the former width. It took more than a year to build.

I first heard it was completed on Facebook. Then I read about it in this week’s Floyd Press. (There was a large photo of the bridge on the front page.)

A friend on Facebook commented: “Citizens of Floyd County applaud the completion of the bridge at U.S. 221 and Shooting Creek Road. This project was completed in record time; they set a record for the longest time it has ever taken to build a two-lane bridge! We thank BOTH workers who labored to build it for us!”

Just about everything is slower in Floyd. We have slow food, slow talk, slow construction. And that’s OK, mostly.


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