Tough Love for Freelance Writers

Glen Stout.

What does it take to make it in the cold, hard world of freelance writing?

Veteran scribe and editor Glenn Stout offers some tough love in his …


Like the late Howard Cosell, Stout tells it like it is. That’s because he tells it based on years of valuable experience.

There’s Stout’s “ass in chair,” “hit deadlines” and this:

Lastly, no excuses. Not the economy, not your relationship, not your day job, not your upbringing, not your education, not anything. The “free” in freelance refers to your time – you control that, something most people can’t say, and that’s extremely valuable.

Stout is a contributing editor for SB Nation. According to his bio, Stout has written, ghostwritten or edited more than eighty books representing sales in excess of two million copies.

(H/T @DVNJr)


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