Our Lone Stoplight

651767327_00157df83b_m2Floyd has just one traffic signal. It’s at the intersection of U.S. 221 (Main Street) and Virginia Route 8 (Locust Street).

Since it’s the only stoplight we have–not just in town, but in the entire county–it’s pretty important from both a functional and symbolic standpoint. Our lone stoplight is considered the geographic center of the county and serves as the starting point for directions to Floyd County destinations.

“How do I get to your place?”

“Well, from the stoplight, you head toward Roanoke on 221 …”

I’ve heard talk about a second traffic signal at the intersection of East Main Street and Barberry Road to help regulate school traffic. It makes some sense but would also be a signal of growth that many would regret.

But back to our lone stoplight.

The lines are painted well back from the intersection to keep cars a safe distance from the big trucks that need a wide berth to make the turn in the center of town. Which also means there’s no turn on red. Miss the light and you have to wait–unless you cut down Oxford Street or behind the courthouse to avoid the light altogether, which I sometimes do.

Now why would I ever avoid the only stoplight within 25 miles?

There’s no good reason. I guess it’s a sickness I still have from living too long in large cities.


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