Goodbye Floyd Water Tower

651767327_00157df83b_mThe tower is down.

Roger Mannon of The Floyd Press reported:

The water tower, a part of the town skyline for most of the 20th century, was pulled down and cut up for scrap. Residents and passers-by watched from back yards and streets as workers used torches to cut away the legs and guy wires. The actual demolition took several hours, but the whole process took much longer.

The tower was 78 feet tall and weighed 31.1 tons. It was owned by Daniel Bower. It was rusty.

“It hadn’t been used for town water for decades,” Mannon wrote.

You might think it would have been neat to clean it up, maybe paint something on it, again making it a beacon of our little town. I thought that, secretly hoped for it.

But according to Paul Shively, sandblasting and repainting the tower “would have cost upwards of $100,000.”

The town council discussed it, but, shoot, we don’t have that kind of money lying around for an old water tower. So they cut down the artifact of 20th century life and hauled it off to the recycling center.


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