5 Worst Excuses for Not Having a Mobile Friendly Website

By Kirsti Scott
Copyright © Scott Design. Used with permission.

We feel pretty strongly that you should make sure your website is mobile friendly, so visitors have a great experience no matter their screen size. What’s your excuse for not getting your site ready for mobile visitors?

Here are our top 5 worst excuses:

1. You’re pretty sure this mobile thing is just a fad that will blow over soon. If your favorite sayings include “Let’s not rock the boat” or “Because that’s the way we have always done it,” then you probably shouldn’t make any changes to your site.

2. You and your customers are exactly the same when it comes to mobile use, and you don’t even have a smart phone. In fact, your idea of modern technology is the fax machine in the corner of your office. “Hey, you kids! Get your smart phones off my yard!”

3. You are only after the 10% of users who don’t use their phones or tablets to access the web. The other 90%? They can just wait until they get back to their desk to see your content, which is more convenient for you, after all.

4. You have more customers than you can handle. You don’t need any more of those educated, affluent smart phone users. Start getting that “mobile friendly” designation from Google and you might be overrun with customers finding you online.

5. Your website was state-of-the-art when you updated it five years ago. You’re pretty sure it can go another three years before you have to do an update. Kind of like that cool flip phone you have from 2010.

If these are the excuses keeping you from updating your website, it’s probably time that you finally make your website mobile-friendly. And while you’re at it, be sure to update your emails so the half of your subscribers who read emails on their phones and tablets have a great experience, too.

Seriously, whether your organization is B2C, B2B, nonprofit, or government, mobile devices are increasingly the place your audience will interact with your website. There’s no excuse for ignoring your growing mobile audience.

(Stats on smart phone use: Pew Research Center’s U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015)

Scott Design helps innovative companies reach their audiences through mobile friendly websites, emails, online apps and integrated marketing campaigns. It works with industry leaders, including Adobe, Autodesk and Intuit, as well as with mid-size organizations and nonprofits.


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