When Speaking to Book Clubs, Do Like Bestselling Author Erik Larson

Erik Larson is one of my favorite authors. He lives in Seattle (my former home) and he writes narrative nonfiction. Not only have I enjoyed reading his books such as Isaac’s Storm and Devil in the White City, as a writer (and now author), I learned about research and storytelling from them.

Last week I stumbled onto his site and happened to read his policy on book clubs. Maybe all of us should adopt it.

ErikLarsonNote: I do attend book group meetings when circumstances permit, so please ask, especially if you know I’ll be passing through your part of the country. I have a couple of rules: First, I cannot be present during the actual critique of my book(s). I’m too thin-skinned and things might get ugly. Second, I don’t do prepared talks for book clubs, but I’ll answer any and all questions, and we’ll have a nice time. Third, I require that my host or hostess hand me a glass of excellent red wine as soon as I walk through the door.

Sounds like my kind of author and guy.


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