My Tips in Seattle’s ‘Marketing’

Thanks to publisher Larry Coffman for sharing my writing tips in the November issue of Marketing:

• Neil’s Notes: Good friend and author (The Longest Shot) offers these five sensible steps in the writing process for writers of any ilk:

  1. Ideas: Brainstorm. Get them out of your head. Many will stink.
  2. Research. Collect information. Observe the world. Talk to people.
  3. Notes and Outline. Get organized. Shape the material you’ve collected. Get ready to write. 
  4. Rough Draft. This is where you write everything down, so to speak. Get the story out; don’t edit yet.
  5. Rewrite, edit and polish. This step is self-explanatory. If your writing was woodwork, this is the chiseling and sanding stage and where you add a finishing coat.

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