Allenby: ‘5 Most Important Metrics in Annual Giving’

At the Annual Giving Network, Dan Allenby writes, “Measuring the results of your annual giving effort can be daunting …. While it’s tempting to take a deep dive into the details, you should always start with the five basics. They are, quite simply, the most important metrics in annual giving.”

Those five basics are revenue, donors, participation, retention and leadership giving.

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5 ‘Nevers’ to Ignore at Your Peril

This edition of “The 5s” sounds ominous because it is. There’s a good reason I’m flashing the danger sign. Inspired by and paraphrased from a much longer list by award-winning sportswriter David Kindred, the following situations can hamper or derail your writing.

1. Never misspell a name. Unless you’re John Smith or Jane Brown, you probably have had your name butchered. It might just be the worst writing mistake.

2. Never quote the terminology without putting it in plain English. Jargon is deadly. It slows down reading and comprehension. It strangles the life out of copy.

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