Brainstorming at the Library

I’m in the back of the town library, feet propped up, laptop on lap, staring out the window. In other words, I’m brainstorming. Sort of.

Some days the best thing to do is give the brain a rest. That’s the way I feel today. I’m working on a new campaign, but I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.

That’s the way brainstorming often seems. Like a big fat nothing.

When I’m brainstorming, I like to doodle on a pad. I like to tap on my keyboard. I also like to look at magazines, especially pubs such as the Atlantic Monthly that have a lot of smart ads. The big advertisers and companies with the large budgets typically have the smart ad campaigns with sharp creative.

I’m looking for inspiration – words and images that spark something, anything. Currently, I’m looking for some simple, direct and authentic-sounding ways to say “community.” I haven’t found them yet. But that’s OK. I have until early next week (not very long, actually). Which means I’m still brainstorming.


Pump Up Your Marketing Communications

Imagine a fitness guru who designed a workout program for you that requires just one repetition per exercise. One pushup. One crunch. One stretch.

Crazy, right? No one would tone up with that.

It’s the same with marketing communications. You need a lot of reps (frequency is the common term) if you want to build up your marketing muscle. Think multiple emails, multiple ads, multiple newsletters.

It’s not glamorous, but it’s what works.