I’m on the Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs

I hope this doesn’t come across as false humility, but I was surprised to learn that I made the 2009 Big List of B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs. The list was developed by Proteus B2B Marketing, a top B2B agency according to BtoB Magazine.

So I’m giving myself a fist bump. I did not expect it.

I started this blog a little more than a year ago with a few humble goals. I would blog as a way to share with the marketing and communications community—some of whom already knew me through my e-newsletter (sign up at right) and LinkedIn, and others who might find me through organic search or inbound links. I would attempt to post a few times a week. I would allow the blog to grow organically.

I had already learned from my ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG that blogs can grow into something and lead to new connections and opportunities. There are many things one can do to grow a blog. The problem, for most, is time and focus. I decided early on that I would do well just to add regular posts to this blog.

I’m glad that some have noticed my efforts. And I’m thankful to all who have stopped by.

(Image: The Urban Mermaid/Flickr)


4 Telltale Signs of Boring B2B Copy

I saw this list at the B2B Marketing Blog. Do you agree that these are trademarks of flat, boring B2B copy? What else would you add?

1. Passive voice.
2. Industry jargon.
3. Vague.
4. Third person.

It’s pretty easy to get stuck in the boring copy rut. But you can do surgery on your copy before you submit it.

Get rid of the passive voice. Ditch that cold-blooded third person voice.  If at all possible, use “you” liberally  instead. And so on.

Pretend you’re writing to one person. In fact, don’t pretend—do it. (I often times put the name of a real person at the top of my copy.)

This will help you turn boring copy into engaging copy.