Thoughts on Writer’s Angst

(This was originally written as a guest piece for Sarah Beth Jones, owner of Nary Ordinary Business Services, aka No B.S. Check out her blog.)

It happened just the other day. I came up with an idea for the prologue of my second book. It was a long time coming—I had waited for it patiently—and now, at last, a good seed and germination. The idea was exciting enough to cause me to wake up earlier than usual. Then, not two days later, I was sure it was an awful idea.

I was able to critique the idea several ways. For one, it probably wouldn’t be long enough to be set apart as a prologue. And two, it was gimmicky. I also reminded myself that many writing experts are not in favor of prologues.

This, my writing friends, is a form of writer’s angst. Maybe you recognize it. There are many strains, I suppose, but what they all seem to have in common is a two-word, self-defeating message:

I suck.

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