The 4 C’s of Killer Copywriting

There’s a post at copyblogger authored by Demian Farnworth on three essential elements of effective copy:

1. Clear
2. Concise
3. Compelling

I wholeheartedly agree with Demian, and often write about these elements in different ways. Not only do they simplify the task (because you’re not thinking about a million things), your copy is destined for success if it’s clear, concise and compelling.

I also like what Farnworth said about SEO copywriting:

Forget about it. Seriously.

If you focus on writing clear, concise and compelling copy, you will naturally write keyword-dense copy. You’ll naturally write for the search engines.

The 4th “C”

Farnworth only offered three C’s, so you might be wondering about the fourth. It’s my add-on, another absolutely essential element of effective copy:

4. Credible

Copy needs to ring true and be authentic. If it isn’t credible, the first three elements might be all for naught.


66 Proven Copywriting Tips

warner3Compiled from my various articles and reports on copywriting, 66 Proven Tips for Writing Copy That Sells will help you craft copy that builds awareness, generates leads and increases sales. This handy collection of tips covers the basics and more, an indispensable copywriting toolkit for any project you face.

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66 Proven Tips for Writing Copy That Sells

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Granny’s Rules


(Allan Jenkins/Flickr)

Posted near the entrance of the Floyd Country Store, home of the Friday Nite Jamboree, are the rules, also known as Granny’s Rules.

There are just four:

1. No smoking.
2. No drinking alcohol.
3. No bad language.
4. No conduct unbecoming to a lady or a gentleman.

Definitely old-fashioned, Granny’s Rules wear well. People come in droves to the Floyd Country Store every week of the year. They do have fun — without doing harm.

Rules can be a drag, some even irrelevant. But, like Granny’s Rules, we usually need at least a few in copywriting and marketing to hold things together. I’ll offer a few for your consideration in coming posts at HEADLINES FROM FLOYD.

Magic Marketing Words

I’ve seen the word lists of copywriting legends and others. Now I’ve started my own word list below. My word list is not comprehensive, but is offered to help you think about words that have special marketing and selling power.

These words can be effective for B2B or B2C.


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The Power of First Person

If handled correctly, first person has an authenticity and power that’s often absent in today’s hyped-up communications.

Here’s the opening of a fundraising letter I wrote this week. The signer will be a grad school alum, and I strived to keep the message straightforward and dignified, which was how she struck me in the telephone interview:

This year marks my 50th anniversary as a graduate of the (prestigious university). The master’s degree I earned in 1958 launched my career as a junior high school counselor in the city schools, where I remained for 23 years until my retirement. My graduate degree had a lasting impact on me and those I counseled.

I have made a financial gift to the school each of the last 50 years. When asked why I am such a loyal supporter, I say I simply feel it is my place to give back …

And a paragraph later, the ask …

I ask that you please join me by making your next gift today.

I love first person. You transmit the thoughts and feelings of a real person as honestly as you can, with the right amount of persuasion thrown in.

Try it in B2B copywriting, blog posts, fundraising and other communications. It works.