Contently: Revisiting SEO, 7 Keys

Search engine optimization (SEO) might now be a dirty term to some people, an outdated strategy for driving traffic. Especially with the rise of social media and Google’s 2011 Panda update and shifting algorithms, which are designed to reward content such as original long-form pieces and penalize those shady SEO gamers.

In “7 Keys to Great SEO For Content Marketers” blogger Dori Fern writes about the most important SEO practices in 2014.

What’s at the top of Fern’s list? This:

1. Original, engaging stories always win. This is the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth most important key to SEO. Publishing stories that people are compelled to share, link to, and write about is simply the most organic path to great SEO.

Google’s practically begging you to do so. Last August, after discovering that a large share of users were searching for in-depth, original long-form content, they gave high-quality, “in-depth” articles a prioritized place in search results.

Read the entire article, including the other six keys