Are Stylebooks Still in Style?

Although I sometimes write journalistic pieces, I’m not a journalist. Nonetheless, sometimes style questions arise for me.

The other day I wrote “David vs. Goliath” in a proposal. When I returned to that phrase during my final edit and proofread, I wondered if it was correct. More specifically, I wondered if “vs.” or “versus” was the correct usage.

I tried my luck with an online search, but since I don’t have an online subscription to the AP Stylebook (or any other stylebook) I wasn’t confident about finding a reliable answer to my query.

So I headed to my basement. That was the last place I remembered seeing my old AP Stylebook, the one with the faded red cover that I threw in a box when I moved my office back home in April.

There it was! I leafed to the V’s and found my answer: “abbreviate as vs. in all uses.”

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