Marketplace (NPR): “Everybody Uses Linkedin”

Do you ever wonder if your time investment in social media is worth it?

Let me be more specific. LinkedIn. Does the famed business networking site help you if you’re looking for a job or work of some kind?

The NPR program Marketplace recently filed a report on LinkedIn. You can listen to it by clicking here. Here’s the opening from Marketplace contributor Sally Herships:

Looking for a job hunting can feel like dropping resumes into a black hole. And what about your LinkedIn profile? Is anyone actually reading it? Or your updates? Turns out–yes. Someone, many someones, like Dwight Scott, a recruiter with ExecuSearch in New York, are searching LinkedIn, potentially for you.

BONUS: Herships’s five tips for getting a job on LinkedIn.


B2B Social Media: Who Is on LinkedIn?

For marketers, networkers, job hunters and others, LinkedIn has moved beyond a niche social media tool, reported Advertising Age in a November 2008 article.

Research firm Anderson Analytics sampled 70,000 members and surveyed a random sample of 800 with a 10-minute online questionnaire.

What they found is that LinkedIn has moved beyond an online niche tool. Its members span a wide range of ages, industries, job titles, and education and income levels.

What does it mean for marketers?

… the upshot is the ability to pick and choose business psyches, whether for research or target-marketing messages.

(I can attest to that.)

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