The Funny Truth Behind FedEx’s ‘Nordic Tuesday’

FedEx TV spots are popular. I can tell by how many folks arrive at this blog in search of “Nordic Tuesday,” a new commercial I posted about in recent days. Watch it here:

“Nordic Tuesday”

One of the things that makes FedEx TV spots so popular, successful and just plain funny is that they often expose a truth about corporate life and then apply a playful poke in the ribs.

Companies of all sizes and stripes often implement something new (outlandish example: “Nordic Tuesday”) and then pretend it’s for “fun,” or for the good of employees, when it’s actually for a basic business reason: to save money.

As the FedEx tagline in “Nordic Tuesday” says: “We understand. You need to save money.”

Love the guy in the men’s restroom under the hand dryer. My daughter and I laugh every time.