Random House: ‘The Journey from Manuscript to Book’

If you are writing a book for one of those big publishing houses, what happens to your manuscript after it leaves the editor’s desk?

The short answer: “A lot.”

Real people (a managing editor, a content applications manager, an ebook technologies director and an art director) at Random House explain a portion of that process in a little under three minutes.

“This video explores the next critical steps in the pre-publishing process,” says Random House, “from copy editing the text to designing and coding each interior page so the book renders beautifully in print and digital formats. Watch the video and go behind the scenes of preparing a manuscript for print and ebook production.”

I never gave it much thought, but there certainly appears to be ample testing of the text and flow on various devices, which makes perfect sense now that ebooks are so prevalent.

(H/T: Robert Bruce, 101 Books)