4 Tips for Writers from Seth Godin

I saw these pearls in a short Seth Godin Q&A at Editor Unleashed, a blog by Maria Schneider, the former editor of Writer’s Digest.

1. Be generous.
2. Spread ideas.
3. Give things away.
4. Write, share and repeat.

I know, I know. You need gigs. You need to make money. The idea is if you do the above four things well you’ll build a following—and a client list.

Seth Says: A Show Is Not a Story

My friend Aly Colón, a journalist turned global communications manager, sent me an item from Seth Godin’s blog on the excessive showmanship of Super Bowl ads.

“The lesson of these ads is simple,” Seth wrote. “Putting on a show is expensive, time-consuming and quite fun. And it rarely works.”

Here’s the marketing nugget from Seth:

“Marketing is telling a story that sticks, that spreads and that changes the way people act. The story you tell is far more important than the way you tell it. Don’t worry so much about being cool, and worry a lot more about resonating your story with my worldview. If you don’t have a story, then a great show isn’t going to help much.”

I’ll add this: You can’t tell much of a story in 30 seconds — even during the Super Bowl. A 30-second spot can only reinforce the story you’re telling across all media and channels.


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